Endorsement from Melquiades Gagarin, progressive candidate for Congress in NY-6.

Joey is extremely honored to be part of a historic progressive movement in Queens!

“The people of Queens deserve representatives who answer to them. Melquiades Gagarin and I align in mission to recuperate a livable present from those whom, in their anti-Black obliviousness, chart our society toward an oblivion in which no one survives. This is precisely how I characterize Grace Meng, Mel’s opponent, who misleads the people and champions the wealthy. I first stood alongside Melquiades Gagarin at an action organized by the Ridgewood Tenant Union against Avery Hall’s designs to build an unwelcome 24-story luxury tower here in Ridgewood. While Melquiades refuses donations from real estate and banking executives, and fights against gentrification, Grace Meng has received a staggering $379,344 from real estate and an equally repulsive $233,516 from executives at Goldman Sachs throughout her tenure in office. Unlike Meng, Melquiades Gagarin champions our communities, fights for our needs, practices accountability, and I am so proud to cross-endorse with his campaign.” Joey De Jesus on Melquiades Gagarin for NY-6

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Endorsement from Shaniyat Chowdhury, progressive candidate for Congress in NY-5.

Joey is extremely honored to be part of a larger progressive movement!

“I have turned to many throughout this struggle for credence as the very first unapologetically queer, Boricua, Pro-Black, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Trans anti-capitalist candidate for Assembly not to be taken lightly. Thus far, Shaniyat is the only [to vouch for my campaign]. I’m proud to cross-endorse.” Joey De Jesus on Shaniyat Chowdhury for NY-5.

Last Chance at Change: The Queens of Queens Are Revolting


An event rally Saturday 6/13, 6 PM to 10 PM EST. RSVP here or watch via Facebook Live.


Press about Joey and the Campaign

The Wheels of Joey

The Wheels of Joey: Joey De Jesus’s Run for NY AD 38, ArtForum

A full length profile on Joey, “a queer nightmare to the political establishment of New York State” and “the only anti-settler-colonial and anti-imperialist candidate in this race.”


Queeagle spicy

Seven Spicy Races to Watch in Queens,  The Queens Eagle

David Brand provides a synopsis of the Assembly races in Queens.


AM Miller and Opposing Candidates Get Candid on COVID-19 Reopening

AM Miller and Opposing Candidates Get Candid on COVID-19 Reopening, Queens County Politics

Joey discusses their platform, the failure of the city’s response to COVID-19, and the “need to enact essential life-affirming measures immediately.”


Candidates Talking Turnout in 38th AD

Candidates Talking Turnout in 38th AD, Queens Chronicle

Joey discusses their support for the NY Homes Act and the incumbent’s failures to mobilize voter turnout and “assemble the people” in AD 38.


If They Can't Knock on Doors, How Do Candidates Get Face Time?

If They Can’t Knock on Doors, How Do Candidates Get Face Time?, City & State NY

Discussing the effects of COVID-19 on political organizing, this article focuses on progressive candidates running across New York—and the attempts of opponents to remove Joey from the ballot.


Who's facing a 2020 primary challenge in the state legislature?

Who’s Facing a 2020 Primary Challenge in the State Legislature?, City & State NY

The first coverage of Joey’s campaign! Addresses their candidacy as “the candidate with the most left-leaning platform” in the 2020 primaries.

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